How Did We Get Here

At Finchley, we have been successfully producing fertilized Broiler Breeder eggs for over 20 years so when the current poultry import crisis bought the broiler industry to it’s knees we decided it was time for a change. We wanted to stay in poultry as it is an industry that we know and love, we also had many staff who stood to lose their jobs if the Import crisis forced us to close our doors. With all this in mind we did our market research and believe that South Africa has a need for Barn Eggs for a few main reasons: Hen Welfare, Market demand, Job sustainability for staff and our modern hygienic cage free barns were ideal for this form on egg production. On a recent fact finding trip to Europe I discovered that we need to offer a lot of insight and education to our customers to enable them to understand the different methods of hen rearing, of egg production, hygiene and how to store and care for eggs after purchasing them to get the best value from your eggs.

Our new venture is exciting and challenging and we are hard at work rearing quality chicks in a healthy environment. We have a custom diet which is free of animal by products , Hormone free, all natural ingredients and with no routine antibiotics included. Our facilities offer the birds the ability to roam free within the house with access to fresh air, fresh water, deep fresh shavings to bath in and the option to choose which ever hygienic nest box to lay their egg in.

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